It is said, that when Io willed it, the other gods came into being. It is said that Io “gave birth” to all of dragon kind. In him, all of good, all of evil and everything there between, all the laws and all the chaos existed in him. In creating the worlds, the realms and the whole of the multiverse, he released all of that which was within him to make all that which came to be. It is also said, that in a single bite, all he released can be undone. But what matters the gods, when the winter has finally come to Neverwinter?

“I can’t believe my eyes!” a shouting voice can be heard from a woman passing by. The town which was fated to never see this natural phenomenon of white crystals floating down from the sky, has now come to experience the winter that so many times have been talked about by travellers from the north. A bright white layer of snow blankets the trees, the streets, the roof tops and the ones without a roof. But even the homeless seems to be in good spirits.

A group of children can be seen playing some harmless game in the snow. Making angels perhaps? The militia guards cannot resist the delight and a smile can be seen on every mans face. Under the sign “SHINING KNIGHTS ARMS AND ARMOR” a short man with a rugged beard, his fists on his hips, spectates the falling snow “I’ll be damned! Marrok! Ye have to see this!”

The faint sound of a bell can be heard from a distance. It is coming closer and soon you see the source. A man holding a bunch of papers under his one arm and a bell, excitedly swung, in his other. He manage to stop in front of you for a couple of seconds and hands you one of the papers under his arm. He scuttles off with almost singing words “Winter in Neverwinter! It’s nothing less than Magic!”

The Prankster