The Prankster

The invitation

The snow crunch under your feet as you shuffle were you stand. The air is crisp but not too cold and an earthy and fresh scent fills the atmosphere.

The paper you received is written in a fine script and it looks to be an invitation. You read: {1}

Citisen of Neverwinter,

It is with my greatest pleasure to invite you to the upcoming winter
party. The Moonstone mask has gone through a renovation and has been
transformed into a place where all citisens of Neverwinter are
welcome. I want you all to take part of the grand opening of the new
Moonstone Mask.

The feast will provide you with drinks (yes, all the alcohol you can
bare), food and a surprise performance. I hope to be able to delight
you in celebrating the winter and the grand opening of the new
Moonstone Mask.

Please take place in my now humble lodgings the 6th of
Hammer/Deepwinter. Doors open at dusk.

Ophala Cheldarstorn

Putty puts away the paper by folding it into a narrow tube, and tucking it away in his backpack.

“So, my dear Putty”, Arnald Wellit says while inspecting his nails, “what did the little leaflet tell? It looked duller than my aunties face.”

“It’s a feast”, Putty answers. “At Moonstone Mask.” He doesn’t move, and looks more or less like a sturdy piece of furniture.

“That name spells B-O-R-I-N-G, I tell you. YAWN!”

“It says ‘all you can drink’.”

Arnald looks up from his nails and stares silently into the horizon. Tall and thin as he is, standing next to Putty only enhances this. The Tall and the Stout, as they have been called several times before.

“All you can drink?” Arnald repeats. Putty nods, and coughs violently.

With a overly dramatic gesture, Arnald bends slightly forward with one foot ahead of the other, and while stretching out his arm he says in a lean voice: “Lead the way, my small friend!”

And with that, they head off to the Moonstone Mask.



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